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Cultural Visits in Tanzania

Cultural Visits in Tanzania

Chaka to Chaka adventures [C2C] will take you to different remote areas in Tanzania where you will experience the fascinating culture and the real African life. Meet face to face with the Maasai warriors and hunt with the Hadzabe tribe’s men gives a life time memory.
All of our Tanzania Cultural Tourism safari packages have designed with the tourist in mind with the belief that tourists should leave Tanzania with the best possible personal tour experience. To make sure this is happening, Safaris in Tanzania connect tourists through cultural tourism program with Tanzania local people to observe and learn Tanzania local traditions, taboos and cultures.

There are handfuls of tribes that have resisted modernization and for the most part remain traditional.

Hadzabe: Near Lake Eyasi, the Hadzabe are a small tribe who remain hunters and gatherers and speak a click language. It is possible to visit them and if you like they show you how to make a fire without matches or take you on a hunt with bows and arrows.

Maasai: The most recognizable tribe in East Africa, the Maasai are nomadic herders of cattle. The women adorn themselves in brightly colored handmade beaded collars and the men, in their distinctive cloth, will often showcase their amazing jumping prowess for visitors. Learn how they construct their homes of mud, sticks and dung and join the school children in a song.

Ngorongoro Crater: Maasai village trips

Part of the reason behind the Ngorongoro Conservation Area has been to preserve the environment for the Maasai people who were diverted from the Serengeti Plains.  Essentially nomadic people, they build temporary villages in circular homesteads called bomas.  There are possibilities to visit couples of these now, which have been opened up for tourists to explore.  Here you can see how the huts are built in a strict pattern of order according to the chronological order of the wives, and experience what it must be like to rely on warmth and energy from a fire burning at the heart of a cattle dung dwelling with no chimney.  These proud cattle herding people have a great history as warriors, and even though they are no longer allowed to build villages inside, they continue to herd their cattle into the crater to graze and drink, regardless of the predators nearby.  .

Cultural tourism programmes usually bring income directly to the local communities and give people the chance to show their lifestyle to the outside world on their own terms. Primary schools are developed through tours on the fascinating slopes of Mt Meru; health clinics are also improved through guided tours of the luscious green Usambara Mountains.

Cultural tourism programmes are beneficial to everyone – the tourists get a unique, unforgettable experience, the local people generate income and improve their standard of living, and both parties gain a valuable understanding of another culture which will last long after the visitors return home. Most cultural tourism Programmes are located near the main thoroughfares of the principal tourist destinations, making a cultural addition to a safari easy to arrange

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