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Wildlife Photography

Tanzania is hard to beat as a destination for wildlife photography enthusiasts. Because of this, I keep on coming back and I have visited the country over 10 times. I love visiting new places, but every safari is a fresh experience because of the unpredictability of the sightings. Every season is different too, and Tanzania’s parks are so vast that there are always new corners to discover or visit for the first time.

 Best destinations

Northern Safari Circuit which have the Serengeti, Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks, as well as the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The Serengeti is best for photographing predators such as cheetah, lion and leopard. Tarangire offers amazing elephant photography, while Lake Manyara is a scenic delight, with the Rift Valley escarpment towering over the shallow lake filled with flamingos and other birds. Best of all is the Ngorongoro Crater, whose forested walls form a stunning backdrop for wildlife photography. 

Ruaha National Park has an interesting landscape, dotted with big baobab trees that make a great setting for wildlife photography. Here I like to focus on some of the more unusual antelope species like the stately greater kudu.

Mikumi is considered a bit of an overnight stop on the way to Ruaha, but although it lacks a bit in wilderness appeal, it doesn’t lack photographic opportunities. The waterholes attract a constant stream of animals. I especially loved photographing a big herd of buffalo kicking up dust as it nervously hurried in to drink and then disappeared back into the bush in a matter of minutes

A safari planned for guests with special interest in wildlife photography is paced quite differently to a regular safari and the two are hard to combine. For guests interested to acquire or to better their skills in wildlife photography, to ensure great photographic results or to document specific wildlife spectacles we can build an itinerary to match and supply the additional equipment and the know how to create a perfect photographic environment.

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