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company profile

  Chaka to Chaka [C2C] is a registered company under the United Republic of Tanzania which aims in advertising the natural tourist attractions that are available in Tanzania as well as telling tourists about our culture through cultural tourism.

 The company is officially registered and has been registered by the index number or business number 300611 under Business Registration and Licensing agency [BRELA] and its tax payer number are 122-868-958 under Tanzania Revenue Authority [TRA]

Chaka to Chaka [C2C] comes from a Swahili name meaning Bush to Bush. Through exploring the bushes in Tanzania tourists will encounter the beauty of Tanzania natural tourist’s attractions

Chaka to Chaka [C2C] has been inspired to involve itself in tourism activities because Tanzania is among the list of African countries blessed with natural attractions including wildlife, lakes, historical sites, great lakes, mountains, beautiful beaches and much more and some of Tanzania protected areas are on the list of world heritage sites such as Ngorongoro and Serengeti national park.

Chaka to Chaka [C2C] is committed to delight its customers in providing quality and competitive services all over the year.

The company has its own vision and mission objectives and goals.


  • To provide quality services at affordable price to its customers.
  • To emphasize both domestic and international tourism so that both local and international tourists visit the tourist attractions to experience the beauty of Tanzania.
  • To improve social interaction between the local community and the outside world/tourists.
  • To work hand in hand with charity organizations in identifying their needs and helping them to find a possible solution which the company is able to offer.



To be a tour company that provides quality services to both domestic and international tourists/customers


Chaka to Chaka [C2C] will be the leading tour company in provision .of quality services in terms of domestic and international tourism by creating a room for interaction with the different types of local communities, affordable prices to customers and working with charitable organizations. This will not only have benefits to few individuals but the community as whole and for the tourists also.

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